Critical Illness


No one likes to consider the possibility of suffering a critical illness. You may think it will never happen, and quite possibly it never will. But can you be sure?

Critical illness is a difficult subject – no one wants to think about the possibilities of premature death or long term critical illness.

But sadly, these things do happen – they happen every day and can happen to anyone. If you dismiss the subject completely you could be ignoring a serious risk to you and your family’s finances.

The reality is that the right level of critical illness cover is absolutely essential to your family’s future financial security. Without it the effects of your illness could be financially as well as emotionally devastating. By taking out life cover you’ve already recognised one potential threat to your family’s well-being. Can you afford not to think about critical illness protection as well?

We can offer advice on critical illness plans which will cover you against a wide range of critical illnesses and conditions, including heart attack, cancer and stroke.

You can’t remove the risk of suffering a critical illness but you can take care of the financial problems that often come with it.

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